Londons Best Kept Secret

  • Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A great barbecue is one of life’s simplest but most exquisite pleasures.  However, in central London, where private gardens are very much a luxury, it’s generally an all too rare occurrence.  What’s more, it can be quite a labour intensive exercise for the host  -you can’t get too carried away by the conversation and cocktails or you’ll be serving up burnt offerings and apologies!

That’s why those in the know head for the Montague on the Gardens.  Right next to the British Museum, it hides a secret – looking up at the imposing façade who would guess that hidden away at the rear of the property is a tranquil oasis of private gardens surrounded by elegant Georgian houses?  There’s an ample and  picturesque wood deck, plus a shady terrace – the setting is so serene and peaceful it’s hard to believe you are actually in the heart of the capital. It provides an exclusive and secluded atmosphere that’s perfect for sipping long cool Pimm’s or sophisticated cocktails while you savour the mouth watering aromas of slowly roasting meat.

During the warmer months, this outdoor area becomes especially lively with music, fun, and a wide range of sizzling special dishes.  Every day there’s a barbecued lunch from 12.30am to 2-30am with succulent chicken from the spit roast, plus a fine selection of meats and fish, including burgers, steak and tuna.

Each evening al fresco dinner is served on the Terrace.  The menu includes a tempting array of summer dishes – everything from king prawn and avocado cocktail with Gazpacho sauce, to seared loin of blue fin tuna and chips served with a quail egg Nicoise salad, and Char-grilled 8oz Scottish sirloin with wine vine tomatoes and Portobello mushroom, to vanilla cheesecake with honeycomb ice cream.               

The terrace bar offers a number of comfortable, quiet and cosy corners, a variety of bar snacks and meals, and a superb selection of cocktails.  To add an extra touch to the unique atmosphere, superb live entertainment is provided in the bar every weekday evening from 7.00pm until 10.00pm.

No wonder there’s a select group of regulars who like to keep this secret rendevous a closely guarded secret!

  • Prices for barbecue lunch and dinner start from £8.50 for one course, £15.50 for two and £19.50 for three
  • Prices for al fresco dinner - Starters from £6.50, main courses from £11.50, desserts £6.50
  • Open everyday for Lunch and Dinner between May and September 2009 (subject to availability)
  • To make our reservation, please contact us on Tel. 020 7612 8416 or email:
Londons Best Kept Secret