Paul Smith exhibition to reveal inspiration

  • Category: Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Date: Monday, 01 January 0001

Renowned designer and internationally adored fashion expert Paul Smith has consented for the public to have a special look at his inspiration in a new exhibition taking place at the Design  Museum this November.

From the 15th, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Smith's success story, charting his progress all the way from a menial job at a clothing warehouse in Nottingham to owner of a style empire with stores across the globe.

The exhibits will of course feature Smith's hallmark of British eccentricity, including Union Jack lined jackets and brogues with neon-bright laces. 

The designer explained his love for unconventional styles - even in his workplace - during an interview for the exhibition premiere. "I like things that don't go together. By combining odd fabrics and things on my office walls, I might get an idea for a clothing combination like tweed and silk," he commented.

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