20140219Kew Palace summer opening

  • Category: Art & Culture
  • Dates: Saturday, 29 March 2014 to Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The beautiful gardens and hallowed halls of Kew Palace will once again be open to the public this spring, with the institute preparing to invite the world to its doors from March 29th.

Educational and very beautiful with its distinctly Dutch architecture and red-brick walls, the venue will be offering attendees the chance to learn about the 15 children George III had with Queen Charlotte and his own debilitating illness that confined him to the prestigious venue.

The breakfast serving gear and a princely suit of armour are among the highlights on offer, as well as the recently restored kitchens that were completed last year, taken back to the years of their former glories.

Finish your experience in the beautiful grounds, which contain a remarkable array of various plant specimens from across the world.

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