At the Montague we are very proud to be involved in our local community. Along with our partnerships we have a number of green community initiatives, our living wall generates over 400 plants and we also have our own herb garden that supplies our kitchen with fresh ingredients.

It is important that we offer our guests with the luxury that they are expecting, in the most sustainable way.

Importance of Sustainable Luxury

Green Champion

We have a green champion to represent the Montague and to think of new, innovative ways to be sustainable.

Considerate Hoteliers

We are a member of the Considerate Hotelier group, committing ourselves to a sustainable way of operating day to day.

Volunteer Days

All staff at the Montague are able to take two paid holidays per year to volunteer, some of our staff have previously volunteered in our local soup kitchens.

Green Training

We train all members of staff about our new green initiatives, so that they are strictly followed.

Animal Adoption

The hotel team have adopted a Panda and a White Rhino through the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Herb Garden

Our own living walls to the rear of the hotel have over 400 plants. We also have a gooseberry garden that the team planted which produces fruit annually and a herb garden for fresh ingredients and flavours.