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Through a proprietary coating, our hotel surfaces are now self-disinfecting and an active participant in the continuous decomposition of microbes such as bacteria and viruses.


20th July 2020

Red Carnation Hotels

We are proud to have implemented CleanCoat A/S , an effective and sustainable self-disinfection solution. Through a proprietary coating, we render our hotel surfaces self-disinfecting and they become an active participant in the continuous decomposition of microbes such as bacteria and viruses, and also pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This solution also enables an environmentally friendly, daily cleaning system based on water and salt, meaning that we can remove traditional cleaning products from our hotels, and further improve the wellbeing of staff and guests. 

Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director states: 'The wellbeing of our teams and our guests is at the forefront of everything we do, as a family-owned and run collection, with over 100 years of hospitality, we understand when we need to adapt our business in order to enhance the guest experience. By implementing CleanCoat A/S, Red Carnation Hotels are able to offer guests and teams superior levels of hygiene in our hotels, whilst supporting our core sustainability goals.'

What is CleanCoat in its essence?

CleanCoat A/S purifies the air and renders treated surfaces self-disinfecting in a chemical-free, sustainable, and healthful way. The solution combines two synergetic products with comprehensive service to provide our clients with a low-microbial indoor environment and high air quality.

What makes CleanCoat unique compared to other solutions for disinfection?

It offers long-term protection. Conventional disinfectants such as alcohol or chlorine quickly vaporize after application, leaving surfaces un-protected in between cleaning. In contrast, CleanCoat renders surfaces self-disinfecting, making them active agents in the battle against microbes (such as bacteria and viruses), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne mold spores, and airborne allergens.

It is also sustainable. Most disinfectants contain toxic chemicals that are effective against microbes but also leave a heavy mark on the environment. the solution copies natures own disinfection methods and created effective and sustainable disinfection activated by light. The chemical process is the same that happens in our atmosphere and makes the planet livable for humans. 

Is this solution effective against contamination from COVID-19?

Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH (Stiegstück 34, DE - 22339 Hamburg), has concluded on the efficacy of this solution against Coronavirus and Ebola, based on a poliovirus test report from 16.12.2014, adenovirus test report from 05.01.2015 and MNV test report 07.01.2015:

“After evaluation with poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 5 and MNV the surface disinfectant solution can be declared as having “virucidal” properties according to EN 14476:2013. Therefore, after successful experiments with the three above-mentioned non-enveloped viruses the test product is also effective against the so-called blood-borne viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV as well as against members of other virus families such as orthomyxoviridae (incl. all human and animal influenza viruses like H5N1 and H1N1), coronaviridae (MERS-CoV) and filoviridae including Ebola virus.”

Where can you coat with this solution?

It is possible to coat with the solution on most indoor and outdoor surfaces, including painted walls, glass, counter tops, door handles, wooden floors, fabrics, ceramics, tiles etc. We do recommend covering expensive oil paintings, silk decor, and fine art just to be extra precautious. We do not coat humans or any other living creatures. 


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