How to make the perfect burger


The perfect burger is the ultimate comfort food, here’s a few expert tips and tricks mastering the perfect burger at home.


25th August 2017

The Montague on the Gardens

The Montague on the Gardens is known and loved for its Montague Burger and it’s easy to see why. After all, who can resist a juicy patty, seasoned to perfection, sandwiched in a lightly toasted bun and adorned with your favourite choice of toppings? For those determined on mastering the perfect burger at home, here’s a few expert tips and trick that are guaranteed to help.

Choose your meat wisely

As you might expect, the meat is the most important part of any burger, meaning that cooks should go for all natural, best quality produce. Wondering which cut of meat to choose? Many chefs recommend chuck due to its higher fat content and it’s a goo idea to aim for a ratio of approximately 75:25% meat to fat. Martin Halls, Executive Head Chef at The Montague on the Gardens also recommends grinding your own meat, ‘using 50% topside and 50% rump.’ Where possible, opt for 35 day aged beef too to ensure a fuller flavour burger.

Once your choice of meat is sorted, Halls advises not pre-seasoning your beef patties, as this can dry out the meat and breaks down the texture. Instead, the trick is to season the burgers heavily once they are moulded. He explains that there’s an art to shaping the patty too ‘try not to over work it and aim to keep the burgers loose when moulding.’

Once your patty is ready to cook, remember to check that your pan is sizzling hot to ensure a tasty caramelised crust forms on the burger. Fry in a hot, heaved based frying pan without oil for three minutes, flip, season again, take off after 2.5mins and leave to rest.

Perfect Burger

Don’t neglect the bun

The burger bun is important as the vehicle for the patty and toppings. Many prefer it lightly toasted, believing that this helps prevent the bun from becoming soggy.  Brioche buns have been a growing trend in recent years but many burger lovers prefer their burger buns to be as a simple as possible, allowing the meat to be the star of the show. A classic soft, squishy roll won’t distract from the meaty main event.

Perfect Burger

Consider your toppings

The aim of the toppings in a burger is to balance different textures and flavours. Give classic toppings a gourmet spin, opt for Artisan cheese, Jalapeno pickles, bacon jam, miso caramelized onions. At the same time, toppings should enhance, not overwhelm your burger- crisp, cool pickles and crunch iceberg lettuce off set the hot burger perfectly.

Perfect Burger

Image Credits: Lead image © iStock/LauriPatterson. Meat patties on a BBQ © iStock/vm. Raw ground beef patties © iStock/Lisovskaya. Man preparing burger © iStock/KucherAV. Burger and toppings © iStock/fcafotodigital.


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