Festive holiday cocktails with Uncle Nearest


Sweetly spiced with a vanilla finish, Uncle Nearest is an ideal base for Christmas cocktails.


Uncle Nearest takes its name from a whiskey maker known as Nathan “Nearest” Green. A former slave in Tennessee, Green holds the title of being the first African American master distiller on record in the United States. Uncle Nearest is made using Green’s original recipe. It’s a gorgeous light caramel colour creation, which has notes of sweet maple and stone fruit, earthy aromas and a pleasingly lingering sweet vanilla finish. Its sweetly spiced flavours work exceptionally well in our two delicious and wonderfully festive holiday cocktail recipes. Santa Baby’s Spicy Tipple has been created by Angelo Lo Greco, bartender at The Milestone & Residences’ Stables Bar. An ingenious take on the Hot Toddy, the concoction won Angelo a place in the 2018 semi-finals of Uncle Nearest’s Tennessee Shake Up competition. The recipe cleverly pairs Uncle Nearest with the warming spice of PMD Tea’s apple and cinnamon infusion and the real citrusy kick of Briottet’s Orange Curaçao.

Festive Holiday Cocktail

The second recipe, Uncle Montague, comes from The Leopard Bar at The Montague on the Gardens, and is a must-try for chocolate lovers. A wickedly good Christmassy treat, Uncle Montague draws on the classic combination of chocolate and orange, which works irresistibly well with the flavours of Uncle Nearest.

Santa Baby’s Spicy Tipple


40ml Uncle Nearest

10ml Briottet Orange Curaçao 

10ml Wilkin & Sons Honey

100ml PMD Apple Cinnamon Tea


Brew the tea and allow to steep. Stir in the remaining ingredients. If serving cold, allow the tea to cool before combining it with the honey, Curaçao and Uncle Nearest.

 Festive Holiday Cocktail

Uncle Montague


50ml Uncle Nearest

25ml Grand Marnier

20ml Crème de Cacao Dark

2tsp Belgian chocolate sauce

Dehydrated orange slices dipped in chocolate, to garnish


Shake all the ingredients together until well combined. Pour, garnish with the orange slices and serve. 

Festive Holiday Cocktail

Join us at the Red Carnation Hotel Collection's London hotel bars to enjoy our delicious menu of festive holiday cocktails.

Image credits: lead image iStock/id-art..All other images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels. 

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