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Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

From the regal magnificence of Windsor Castle to the ancient stones of Stonehenge, this full-day tour takes you on a journey through time and deep into England’s past. Windsor Castle is where we begin our day, visiting the home of the Queen and every monarch before her for a thousand years. Next we dive even deeper into the past at the 5000 year-old Neolithic site of Stonehenge, a mysterious druidical landmark. We then travel on to the glorious city of Bath, deep in the West Country, where you can visit the famous Roman Baths.

Tour Highlights

  • The tour starts at the majestic royal residence of Windsor Castle
  • Tour of Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle in the heart of Wiltshire
  • Ending in Bath, a Georgian city, where you will view the Roman baths


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